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Our work style depends on many methodologies which are based on the best internationally…


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In 1998, Meras Consulting began providing its services. Bit by bit, it has gone beyond supervising the theoretical aspect of the operational phases of a project to the practical manifestation of its goals in reality…

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To be a comprehensive consulting firm distinguished in all the areas of its major.

To provide comprehensive consulting services for our clients that meet their needs and achieve sustainability to their business by a chosen group of recognised experts and specialists.

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SiSince it was first established in 1998, Meras has spared no effort to provide consulting services that add great value to our clients.
We, at Meras, are fully aware that advisory and consulting work can only achieve that value through understanding the needs of our clients clearly and completely, working hard to monitor the smallest details within the business and then developing the consulting solutions. Practicality is the essence of these solutions without which work will be just another form of theory that does not satisfy the actual needs of our clients. We aspire to be the main consulting body for our clients who trust us with their businesses. Our consultants take into consideration the concept of participation which motivates them to work hand in hand to establish a sustainable partnership relationship that fulfills obligations and expectations.
Our consulting work is based on creativity, innovation and the pioneering spirit that pushes us forward armed with our love to what we do and commitment to our clients.

Omar Mohamed Halabi

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We are proud of what we have provided to our customers during these years and we are proud of our constant communication with them

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